Jogging Gives Local Man More Energy To Talk About Jogging


CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. — Local insurance sales rep Tom Davis recently added jogging to his daily activities and now swears that his exercise routine has given him a great deal of energy, which he has used almost exclusively to talk about jogging.

“I used to be only able to talk about jogging for one, maybe two minutes,” said Davis, 32. “Now I can talk for 20 or 30 minutes without even thinking about it.”

Scientific studies have shown that those who regularly perform cardiovascular exercises like jogging often feel more energetic throughout the day, and Davis has shared this fact with almost every one of his co-workers.

“It used to be okay when he would only talk about how far he had run that day,” says Davis’ co-worker Tyler Barton. “Now, with how much energy he has, he’ll talk about routes, the drawbacks and benefits of running on a treadmill, shoe preferences, stretching regiments, and then he’ll ask me to go to lunch so we can talk about it more.”

The Crystal Lake native’s enthusiastic interest in jogging has had negative impacts in every part of his life except for his health. Even his long term girlfriend Jenny Carter is feeling the strain of Davis’ new hobby.

“Before it used to be he would get home so tired from work that he could barely talk, and I would get to have a one-sided conversation,” Carter said. “Now he not only is fully engaged in the conversation we are having, he has enough energy to want to fool around a little bit. It’s disgusting.”

As of press time, Davis was finishing up a 10K and wondering why fewer people were returning his phone calls.

Kevin Lobkovich only runs when he is being chased. Unfortunately, that happens quite frequently.

Image by Ben Waldman