Joe Biden Quietly Waiting For His Nude Photos To Leak


WASHINGTON D.C. — After a collection of nude photos were leaked this week, featuring celebrities such as actress Jennifer Lawrence and supermodel Kate Upton, Vice President Joe Biden has been anxiously waiting for his own nude photos to become public. Sources confirmed that Biden has been Googling his own name almost non-stop, only pausing to snap other nude selfies and then back them up to iCloud.

In a statement made earlier today, Biden confirmed that while he thinks that the breached privacy of these young women is a hideous and offensive crime, and that those who leaked the photos should be severely punished for their acts of shaming and violation, he also really feels left out.

A source close to the VP says it’s all he talks about.

In an effort to make the photos more easily leaked, Biden has been also been sharing his Apple ID and password on Twitter, Facebook and on printed paper flyers, which have been posted on various bulletin boards and telephone poles around Washington D.C.

“I swear the pics are real good,” said Biden.

Tyler Snodgrass really hopes you don’t leak his own nudes.

Image by isafmedia.