Jimmy Fallon Comes Right Out And Asks Will Ferrell If His Upcoming Movie Sucks


NEW YORK — In a shocking moment of candor that stunned the Tonight Show audience, host Jimmy Fallon began his interview with Will Ferrell by straight up asking if his upcoming film, The House, totally sucks.

“So did you shit out another turd or is this one actually worth going to?” asked the normally jovial talk show host known for the lighthearted games he plays with guests. “Or let me guess: You figured that nobody would notice if you added another steaming shovel of feces to the pile of crap you’ve made over the past two decades.”

While at first the Tonight Show house band The Roots assumed Fallon might be joking, the stunned expression on the Anchorman star’s face quickly changed the room’s mood, leading to dead silence.

“Well since you’re here, we might as well talk about whatever hot cow patty you managed to squirt out,” said Fallon, holding up a movie poster for the film before spitting on it, balling it up, and tossing it behind his back. “The movie is called The House, and it’s about two parents who set up a casino in their basement or some stupid plot like that.”

“Real fun stuff there, folks,” Fallon continued. “A true Blazing Saddles in the making. Is that what you were going for with this upcoming crap-fest, or is it actually something worth seeing this time around?”

Following an awkward moment where neither the host or guest said anything, Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins meekly asked if anyone was interested in performing a lip-sync battle or maybe a game of volleyball beer pong.

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Image courtesy of NBC/YouTube Screengrab.