Inspirational Quote Shared By Least Inspirational Friend


ST. PAUL, Minn. — Multiple sources have reported that local man Ryan Dobbs posted an encouraging idiom on social media despite being the least motivating member of his friend group.

The post in question was first spotted early on Thursday morning immediately drawing both attention and criticism from those close to Dobbs, 30.

“I’m sure he meant well but, but everyone knows he’s not like that in real life,” said Patrick Berg, 31, longtime friend and current roommate of Dobbs. “He still owes me money for an internet bill from last year. What’s he doing going around quoting Thomas Paine?”

Others connected to Dobbs via social media expressed similar bewilderment after seeing his post.

“So this is coming from the guy I once saw spend $40 at McDonald’s while he was sober?” said former classmate Michelle Collins, 29, just before selecting to unfollow Dobbs’ posts.

Dobbs was unable to be reached for comment however at the time of this report the post has 17 shares, 86 likes and counting.

Joshua Ballew would like to remind readers that these are the times that try men’s souls.

Image by schill.