Incredible! This One-Armed Wind Surfer Has Now Lost Her Other Arm


If you’ve been feeling down lately, then let this story fill you with inspiration. Stacy Medina is a competitive wind surfer who lost her right arm in 2014 after a terrifying shark attack. But against all odds, she returned to wind surfing to prove to the world that she would never give up on her dreams. And now she’s lost her other arm.

Wow! What a shining example of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it, which she’ll no doubt do again.

Before her tragic accident, Stacy Medina became known in the public’s eye as the youngest competitor at Cancun’s Windsurfing Festival. But when that Great White snapped off her right arm, Stacy underwent a long uplifting journey, battling physical and psychological adversity to ride her way to third place at Techno’s Midwinter 293 North American Championships. And now that she’s lost her other arm, she’s reportedly in stable conditions at a trauma center. Awesome! Imagine what she could accomplish now?

A super fan recently set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her second surgery so she can get back out there and risk another limb. Although she is currently unavailable for comment, in a 2016 interview with Ellen, Stacy said, “The thought of never sailing again terrified me. But everyone was so supportive, I knew I had to get back out there. I couldn’t give up on myself.” Even though it was in reference to that first accident, she will probably swell with excitement once she sees an outpouring of support from people incredibly moved that she lost another arm in such a gruesome fashion once again.

Who knows? If Stacy keeps this up, she could be the first to lose back-to-back-to back extremities and compete in the next Biscayne Bay Windsurfing Regatta as the world’s first one-legged wind surfer. So don’t give up, Stacy! We’re counting on you!

Ricardo Angulo wears a prosthetic eyepatch.

Image by alastc.