Improv Team’s Record Falls To 0-7


CHICAGO — Local improv troupe Chewbacca Mom’s Spaghetti struggled through another performance this past weekend, dropping their overall record for the season to 0-7.

Their most recent setback took place at 11 p.m. on Sunday night at the Laugh House Theater, where the group performed to a small crowd of reluctant but supportive friends.

Founding cast member Brian Thompson started the opening scene by pretending to be one of the guys from Duck Dynasty. The impression wasn’t particularly good, but it did garner some tepid laughs from the audience. Shortly thereafter, his teammate Jake Dannel joined in donning a fake mustache and offering cooking tips in character as internet celebrity “Salt Bae.” The act went even further south when level-one improviser Stacie Aulton entered the scene by crawling on the floor exclaiming “It’s me, Pizza Rat!”

The audience appeared to be confused by the series of unconnected creative choices that occurred throughout the show.

“It lacked cohesion,” said one audience member, a college buddy of Dannel’s. “They kept introducing new characters without listening to each other.” The cast went only 3-17 on jokes-that-received laughter (JRL), and finished the show with a collective improviser rating of only 24%.

“Their references weren’t current, but they also weren’t dated enough to be absurd,” said one of Thompson’s friends from work, who asked to remain anonymous.

As the season winds down, the group says they plan to meet up at a nearby Potbelly to discuss their future. “I think we can be really good next year if we pay more money for the level two classes,” said Aulton.

Dan Muller needs to stop betting on improv shows.

Image by austins_only_paper.