Improv Student Quits After Learning Don Pardo Will Never Say His Name


CHICAGO — Sources confirmed on Tuesday that area improv student Andrew Mason, 29, has reportedly quit comedy after learning of the legendary voice of Saturday Night Live, Don Pardo, passed away Monday evening at the age of 96.

“I’ve imitated Don Pardo’s voice saying my name every day for the last two and half years,” Mason said while not tipping on a water he ordered from the bar. “I don’t see a point to any of this if he’s not going say my name when I make it big in three to five years.”

According to those close to Mason, he’s approximately two and half years into comedy or three thousand dollars into classes, depending on whom you ask.

“It’s ‘Saturday Night Live!’ with Andrew Mason,” Mason said quietly while walking back from his improv class. “No one will ever say that now. Well, maybe someone will, but it won’t be the same.”

At press time, Mason expressed his sympathy to those close to Mr. Pardo, and said he really regretted all the money he spent on headshots.

Kyle Scanlan has paid iO Chicago over four thousand dollars to learn to be funny. 

Image by Jaysen.