I’m Not An Intersectional Feminist Because One Time I Was Hit By A Bus


By guest blogger Melanie Higgins

Feminist can certainly be a dirty word. It is usually said with a lot of venom from either men or women and those same people have no problem saying crap. I’ve never had a problem with the word feminist or feminism itself as long as that didn’t mean I had to burn my Victoria’s Secret bras. But recently online I’ve seen my one black friend say the word intersectional before it and asking feminists to be more intersectional with their feminism. Honestly, I’m shocked. This word–intersectional–it triggers me deeply because there was one time when I was hit by a bus.

It’s true. I wandered out into a busy intersection when the light was green. “What are they going to do?” I asked myself as I turned up on the volume on the most current episode of This American Life I was listening to (by the word “they” I meant the people driving the cars and buses that frequently use that busy street.) “Run me over?!”

I should have known that if you think something, then it comes true because karma.

Right then a bus actually hit me. Sure, the driver tried to stop but it was too late. The front part of the bus attempting to brake and only swerved a little so that the right half of the bus still hit my leg. I fell down to the ground, getting gravel on my Anthropologie sun dress and bare legs. I scratched my knee very bad! I had to go to the hospital to make sure nothing else was wrong and luckily nothing was. I attribute that to karma also cause I donated some money to the ACLU in November, so I know I’m a good person.

That’s why I don’t understand why people ask me to be an intersectional feminist. Excuse me? Do you not understand how I was brutally tripped at a freaking INTERSECTION?! So, yeah, I’m sorry, but I won’t be an intersectional anything. Not until I can cross any street and have all the cars stop to let me pass, regardless of the what the light says.

Melanie Higgins is also not an intersectional feminist because she just gets along better with men. 

Image by wikimediapixabay.