If I’m A Misogynist, Why Have None Of The Terrified Women In My Life Said Anything?


By guest blogger Brad Shaughnessy

Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing a man can do right these days. I go to work every day, I put food on the table, but when I log into the internet, I still find myself accosted by women on there saying nonsense about inequality and patriarchy. It seems like every day there’s some new article written by a woman trying to tell us fellas that we’re doing something wrong and frankly folks, I don’t get it. These may be issues in your house, but I certainly never hear any complaints. If men really were so bad, I get the feeling that one of the purposefully quiet women in my household would’ve said something to me by now. And of course some women have hard lives but that’s just because they don’t surround themselves with strong, quality, men. You reap what you sow, I say.

And sure, men have flaws. We’re only human! For instance, sometimes I can have a bit of a temper on me. And while I raise my voice sometimes, my wife knows that when I yell, it’s not because of some sort of idea that she’s inferior to me. It’s just a bunch of my love for her exploding out of my mouth in the form of misplaced rage due to a deeply rooted inability to process my emotions correctly stemming from when my dog died and my dad told me that crying is for pussies.

And some may say that I’m overly strict with my daughters but I say that’s none of their business! If my often-frightened daughter had a problem with the rules of my house, she’d have definitely said something by now. I’m not strict with her because she’s a woman, I’m strict with her because of a lifetime of being celebrated for even the smallest achievement and being told that everything I do is important and right. I was forgiven for any transgressions and told that it was just in my nature as a growing man. On the football field in high school, I was a god with a legion of fans willing to disavow anyone who dared disagree with me. But then one day it ended. I wasn’t the hero anymore. And that space inside me left a vacuum that I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to fill, be it with alcohol or small exertions of power over those closest to me. But it’ll never go away. Every night I’ll still have to face the silence of my anonymity and the chilling truth that maybe I was never as important as I thought. Maybe I’m just Brad.

Anyway, the game is on in twenty and the boys are coming over for a few beers. Jezebel fucking sucks and is always wrong. Feel free to post this on your queer ass website.

Brad Shaughnessy doesn’t think masculinity is fragile at all and can prove it by lifting things over his head.

Image by nhilbanda.