Idaho Lifts Gay Marriage Ban As Long As It’s No Mouth, Butt Stuff


BOISE — Caving to a ruling by a federal appeals court, the state of Idaho effectively lifted its decade-old, widely embraced ban on gay marriage this morning by enacting an amendment which legalizes same sex unions, providing that no mouth or butt stuff occurs, as to uphold the rightful consecrations of marriage.

More than a dozen same sex couples gathered at the courthouse this morning to obtain their long-awaited and now constitutional right to marry the person they love. While some of the couples are disappointed that they are not permitted to do mouth or butt stuff, the overall tone was celebratory.

“I do support the constitution in that it says marriage occur between a man and a woman,” said Idaho Governor Butch Otter (R). “However, given this amendment I believe I am still doing my duty of the state by upholding the sanctity of marriage, as long as no one hits on me.”

Meanwhile the families in opposition to the ban being lifted continued on with their daily routines even as people of the same sex married in their state’s courthouse.

Brittany O’Mearica is currently waiting to legally marry her cat.

Image by Mike Licht.