I Ignored All His Red Flags After He Proposed


Guest blog by Teegan Durft.

I’ll be honest, my boyfriend of 1.5 years George Riggins is kind of a piece of shit. All of my friends and his call him an asshole (and mean it!) and he exhibited a lot of red flags throughout our relationship that showed he might not be marriage material, but at this point I don’t care because he proposed! He actually did it! Bling, bling–I got the ring!

Sure, George checks out women in front of me all the time and adds, “I could tap that… if I wasn’t with this,” every single time like I wasn’t there. I think it’s supposed to be a joke, but it definitely hurts my feelings a little bit every single time. Especially since he’s never added, “jk babe!” after he says it. But honestly? Now that I have this huge engagement ring on my finger, I’m just going to ignore him every time he says that by staring right into my shiny diamond until I forget how horrible he is.

Another red flag throughout our relationship has been his tendency to just straight up not communicate with me. He’ll go completely off-the-grid without any warning and choose not to text or call me for days. It’s really infuriating!!! But now that I have a wedding to plan, I’ll be so distracted that I will barely notice the radio silence. It’ll be great!

Plus he cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend. Huge mistake? Sure, but he proposed marriage to me the very next day and promised he would never do it again. I am getting hella likes on Facebook for my engagement announcement, so I’m just gonna choose to look away on this one. Who cares if he cheated on me and it’s highly likely he will do it again? I’m getting married!!!! Finally!!! Just like my friends and basic bitch cousins! I WILL BE A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE AND EVERYONE WILL SHOWER ME WITH AFFECTION ON THIS, THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!

Besides, I bet George will totally change when we say those two magic words at the altar. He has to, right? Whoops, I’m getting worried again so I better create a Pinterest board. I love my fiancé!

Teegan Durft  is not letting another inconsiderate shitbag wriggle his way out of this.

Image by greggoconnell.