I Cut Sugar For Two Weeks But Forgot To Replace It With Other Food


By Lakynn Roth

I always thought of myself as the “healthy type.” I drink in moderation, don’t smoke, and exercise three times a week. But then I heard about the dangers of refined sugars, and I was floored. I learned how even two weeks sugar-free can do wonders for your health, so I decided to give it a try, not sure if I’d end up feeling any change. Well, let’s just say that two sugar-free weeks made a bigger difference than I could have imagined, though that honestly may have been from not eating any food for fourteen days.

The first thing I noticed was how many seemingly normal foods were packed with sugars! Pasta and tomato sauce, cereals, lattes, yogurt, fruit juice, the list goes on! By the time I cut all food with refined sugar out of my diet, I wasn’t left with anything at all! In retrospect this should have been a sign to find new, sugar-free foods to eat, but of course that’s going to be obvious in hindsight. The instructions weren’t clear about it and there’s no use beating myself up about it now.

The first day was easy enough. Sure, I missed having a sugary snack in the afternoon, ordering my Starbucks mocha, or eating literally any meals whatsoever, but my resolve stood strong. I could already feel myself becoming more alert and present, free from sugar’s influence on my body and mind. The rumbling in my stomach was toxins escaping, probably.

Day two wasn’t so easy. By mid-day it was like I was in a fog. Sugar is physically addictive and it doesn’t leave your diet without a fight. I felt sluggish, irritable. But I pushed through. Day three was better. The cravings were still there, but I found my focus. I could feel my mind clearing up, getting sharper without sugar or literally any other food clouding it. I began to see weird spirits that would constantly whisper what I assume were positive self-affirmations. I started to feel like cutting sugar was a good idea! This probably would have been a good time to start eating, like, rice and beans or something, but hey, no one’s perfect!

By day six I was looking back at the beginning of the week with a laugh. I mean, I remember saying I was “hungry” on day one even though I hadn’t even begun to glimpse the true meaning of “hunger.” To have every molecule in your body screaming to consume, a psychotic fever-drive that boils your brain and leaves you a quivering beast, drained of willpower, identity, humanity, just a sweaty bolt of thin, dry leather draped over a dead soul. But I was in this for two weeks, and I’m no quitter!

A couple of buddies from work asked me if I wanted to come to lunch on day eleven and I don’t remember what happened after except that when I had my next lucid episode they had lost a lot of blood and my boss said I wasn’t allowed to come back. It’s ok, though, since I’ve wanted to freelance for a while and cutting sugar was giving me the mental sharpness to make it happen! Though to be fair, when I say “mental sharpness” it’s entirely possible I meant how it felt like daggers were pushing into my brain at all times. It was hard to make a judgment about that while I kept slipping in and out of consciousness.

By day fourteen, I had done it. Two weeks with no refined sugar or any other food. I had become like a ghost, my life a true nightmare, caught between the material and ethereal planes as I clung to a life of emptiness, my insides a swirling void destroying my will to live. I can tell you that nothing like that ever happened when I was pumping my body full of sugar! Ha ha! Oh god, I made the worst mistake. I’ll never be well again.

Lakynn Roth regularly goes on strict, one-glass juice cleanses.

Image by ozbornea