How To Let The Man Following You Know You’re An Introvert


Have you ever found yourself walking home at night, being followed by a strange man and thought: “If only I could let him know I’m an introvert!”

It can be difficult as an introvert navigating a world of extroverts, especially when a man is following you home in the dark. How do you effectively communicate to this man: “Hey! I’m an introvert, I don’t have the emotional energy to engage with your yelling or be followed! I realize we all function differently, but that’s just me!”

Luckily for you, there are several communication tips we’ve compiled to let your follower know you’re an introvert who just wants alone time.

1. Ask What His Meyers-Briggs Type Is

Despite the fact that he’s following you with the bleak determination of a crow scavenging the dead, attempt to engage him about personality types. Does he know about the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator? What letters did he get? Slyly let him know you’re an INTP, which means you’re highly reflective, analytical, and definitely need that alone time!

2. Remark On How Impressively Forthcoming He Is

As you attempt to subtly dodge into the corner store, let your follower know that you really admire how outgoing he is. As an introvert, approaching and following a stranger without consent is definitely something that would be out of your comfort zone.

3. Mention How Much You Love Reading At Home Under A Warm Blanket

Your idea of a hot Friday night? Putting on pajamas and reading under lamplight! Let the man following you know you’re an avid reader and find incredible catharsis in the act of living through the written accounts of both fictional and non-fictional characters. Ask him if he has a favorite author? Also, will he please stop following you now?

4. Let Him Know Dating Is Hard As An Introvert

Dating can be really hard as an introvert because it takes you longer to open up. Ask the man following you if he ever has that problem? Surely he must be great at dating since he is so confident at following you despite all your signals saying “Go away and die slowly in a ditch!”

5. Tell Him When You Don’t Talk, It’s Just Because You Don’t Have Anything To Say

Sometimes you just don’t have anything important to say at that moment–is that so hard for people to understand? It’s not that you’re not paying attention to the social situation, you’re just soaking it up until you have a thought worthy enough to share. Clearly communicate to him that you really don’t have anything to say to him, and it would be great if he could stop following you, and also he should put his pants back on.

Bronwyn Isaac’s idea of a hot Friday night is curling up with a book after completely destroying the limbs of the next man that follows her.

Image by faceme.