How I Learned To Love My Hot, Sweaty Little Body


Guest blog by Dillon Cress

Like a lot of people, I was always insecure about my body. One day it would be my forehead, maybe the next my belly fat. Some days I even found myself getting upset about the shape of my ears. It was relentless and I found myself miserable. Was there no end to the judgments I’d force upon myself?

And then one day, everything changed. After reading roughly four sentences of an article about self love and feeling pretty confident that I had the jist of it, I realized that I’d been looking at my body all wrong. My body wasn’t some entity separate from myself, serving as a constant sign of my mortality. Not at all! My body was something to be celebrated! Worshipped! In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my body is flesh vessel designed exclusively for pleasure! I became a glowing beacon of self love.

Suddenly, instead of focusing on my flaws, I decided that it was time to celebrate my strengths. The days of looking into the mirror and thinking “I’m ugly” or “I should probably wear a shirt to the beach” are done! Now I look in the mirror with pride and yell at my reflection “Hey shake that ass for me baby!” or “Hey you hot little piece of sex trash, how about you bring that wet mouth over here!” I leave the house CONFIDENT and COLLECTED and TERRIFIED AT WHAT I AM BECOMING.

A lot of people ask me if making this change was difficult for me. The answer is a resounding yes. Self love takes time. Searching your mind for the strength to look at yourself as a sex object can take months of practice. Sure, sometimes I still get scared of the mirror but it’s not because I hate my body. It’s because I’m worried about the horrifyingly vivid things I’ll yell at my own naked form. And that’s self love, I assume.

Dillon Cress is not going to conceal his hot little bod in jeans all summer like Dan Sheehan will.

Image by giobert.