Haunted Car Repossessed


DENVER, Colo. — Last Tuesday a silver Nissan that had seemingly been abandoned on a residential street in the Park Hill neighborhood was picked up by a repossession agent and driven away. The event has left the community unsettled and shaken.

Neighborhood children claim the vehicle once belonged to a lonely old man who had encountered crippling debt, and left it running in his garage as a way of escaping his oncoming bankruptcy. They offered no explanation as to how it moved from the garage to the front curb after the supposed suicide, but did state they could still hear crying coming from the car late at night.

Barbara Harper, 57, lives across the street from where the car was parked.

“I was peeking through my blinds when a mysterious man in an orange beanie and blue jumpsuit went up to the car, inserted a key and drove away,” Harper said. “I haven’t seen him before or since.”

Henry Mutual, owner of the Denver Mutual Bank who would have been responsible for issuing the repossession order, shed more light on the mysterious situation.

“Fred Kipple was our repo man in that area and he died several months ago. We haven’t found a replacement for him yet,” said Mutual. “Good ol’ Fred was a great employee. Never took off that orange beanie.”

Ian Abramson is senior Whiskey Journal listener of NPR’s Haunted Car Talk.

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