Group Chat’s Delicate Ecosystem Disrupted By Addition Of Invasive Stacy


MADISON, Wis. — What was at one time a calm and peaceful group chat among close friends has been devastated following the recent addition of an invasive Stacy, social environmental activists have confirmed.

Stacy Williams, 31, who many in the group chat have referred to as “an acquaintance at best,” joined the online discussion sometime in the early morning hours on Friday, endangering its stability by sharing dated memes, excessive GIFs and suspicious looking file attachments.

“We had something really great going here,” said Matthew Kern, 29, who first created the group chat as a way to stay in touch with his college buddies after graduation. “The worst part is accepting the fact that we might have to migrate to an entirely new group chat.”

At this time no one has claimed responsibility for the inclusion of Stacy resulting in elevated levels of tension and a dangerously high percentage of anger within the group chat’s atmosphere.

The full extent of damage caused by Stacy to the chat is unknown however experts close to the scene have said that given its current state if drastic changes aren’t made soon, it will be completely uninhabitable come this time next week.

Joshua Ballew would like to extend his deepest condolences to those impacted by this tragedy. 

Image by flickr, pixabay.