Grandma Concerned


ST. CHARLES, Mo. — Although things have finally started to go your way with your career and personal relationships and you’ve really began grow into the person you’ve always wanted to become, sources have verified that Grandma is concerned about you.

A few years ago you moved to a new city, and according to statements made on social media you’re having more fun than ever before, but a recent text from your dad stated that Grandma would like to make sure that you’re “being safe,” and “not walking in bad parts of town,” and also that you’re staying away from “those sorts of people.” Personal history suggests you know the kind she means. The text from your dad added, “Maybe you should call her?”

According to a handwritten letter from Grandma, mailed for Valentine’s Day, she worries about you drinking too much. This of course is “based off your ‘face book’ photos,” said the letter, written in cursive. Grandma continues, “maybe you could lay off the beer?” before starting a new paragraph, in which she speculates how the weather and prices of meats are different in your new city than in your hometown, where she still lives. The letter contained ten dollars, made up of five two-dollar bills.

You have not responded to the letter, according to yourself.

Sources confirmed that Grandpa is fine, and really everyone else is, too. It’s just that Grandma’s concerned, usually. Sometimes she’s scared, but that’s not directly related to you; when it comes to you, she is just generally concerned.

A poll taken amongst members of the family suggest that you should call her to help alleviate concern, but no family members are really pushing it. Experts claim that even an email might have a direct correlation to relieving Grandma’s concerns, assuming she hasn’t forgotten her password, though there’s speculation she has.

According to Dad, Grandma would also like to know if you could also help her “figure out where her password is” if you get a chance.

Tyler Snodgrass loves his grandmothers very much, and they are very concerned.

Image by flickr.