Government Report Names Thigh Gaps #1 Threat To American Security


FORT MEADE, Md. – A new government report issued Wednesday has confirmed that thigh gaps are now considered the preeminent threat to Americans’ security.

The Director of the National Security Agency Adm. Michael Rogers, in cooperation with CIA officials and the Department of Homeland Security, published the alarming findings that the existence of a thigh gap, as well as the size of said gap, poses a greater threat than terrorism abroad.

“After personally reviewing tens of thousands of private text messages and emails, I’m convinced that the genetically predetermined distance between a woman’s inner thighs is a far greater everyday terror to U.S. citizens than Al-Qaeda,” said the Admiral at an NSA headquarters press conference.

Adm. Rogers was blunt when addressing the media’s concerns about the actual level of danger the U.S. should expect from this new menace.

“This is an infiltration of domestic terrorism, affecting nearly half our nation’s population–so large it can only be compared to the Cankles Scare of 2006,” said Rogers.

The 2013 Female Body Insecurity Survey released in February by researchers at the University of North Carolina supports the report’s conclusions.

“Our research culled from write-in surveys indicates that thigh gaps are now the gold standard for corporal terror,” said Dept. of Sociology Chairman Professor Ernest Hoffman. “They easily surpassed the top threats of the recent past: constantly fending off sexual advances from supposedly ‘nice guys’ who make you feel guilty for just liking them as a friend even though you’ve made your feelings very clear, Joel, and being the Miranda of the group.”

Though researchers agree that thigh gap-related terror has drastically increased, no one has been able to determine a definitive cause for the spike.

“The leading theory right now is called Objectification Consequence Theory,” explained Hoffman. “It has something to do with constantly bombarding the developing minds of children with millions of flashy, highly-polished images of unattainable beauty and holding up that beauty as the zenith of life. But no one knows anything for sure yet.”

President Obama has scheduled an emergency televised address for this evening where he, alongside Michelle Obama, with her ageless skin and impossibly toned arms, will comment on the report.

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