Friend Group Somehow Supporting Multiple Chads


SANTA MONICA, Calif. — In spite of the obvious logistical challenges and possible ramifications, a local group of friends is allegedly supporting more than one Chad, sources have reported.

The friend group in question, made up of mostly former high school and college classmates, has embraced both of their Chads making a case for allowing redundancies in social circles.

“I get why people might think it’s weird but it actually does have some benefits once you get past the initial shock,” said Ryan Calloway, 29. “If one is off at ultimate frisbee practice chances are the other one is nearby willing to check out the latest meme you found or get down on some Call of Duty.”

While Calloway and his friends are confident that the pros outweigh any cons involved with doubling their exposure to Chads, there are others who are understandably skeptical.

“We can hardly handle the one we have,” said Thomas Schultz, 31, referring to the Chad within his friend group. “I honestly can’t imagine having another one to worry about.”

Both Chads were unavailable for comment but were last seen gearing up to hit the beach to catch some waves and presumably keeping it one hundred.

Josh Ballew wants to remind readers that all Chads matter.

Image by Flickr.

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