Forbes Releases Annual List Of World’s Chamillionaires


NEW YORK — This week Forbes released its annual World’s Chamillionaires list, and the top spot was once again reserved for American rapper Chamillionaire.

Sources said the number of Chamillionaires worldwide remained at one, as it has for the nine years that Forbes has conducted the survey.

“I’m honored to be named the world’s top Chamillionaire for the ninth consecutive year,” said Chamillionaire, whose name is a delightful combination of “chameleon” and “millionaire.”

“American copyright laws and a weak economy kept the number of Chamillionaires at one,” said Kerry Dolan, Forbes’ wealth editor. “We expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future.”

The youngest Chamillionaire identified by Forbes was Houston-based rapper Chamillionaire, while the oldest Chamillionaire tabbed in the survey was Houston-based rapper Chamillionaire.

According to Forbes, the state of Texas has produced the most Chamillionaires, with the rap industry being the most common source of a Chamillionaire’s wealth.

John Clark just wants to Turn It Up.

Image by Wikimedia.