Film Student Writes Screenplay About Attractive Film Student Writing Screenplay


CHICAGO — A Columbia College film student who had been mired in a creative rut had a breakthrough this morning, according to sources in the Cinema Art and Science department.

“I was struggling to come up with an original idea,” wrote Zach White, 21, in a blog entry posted on Thursday. “Then it hit me. Why don’t I write a story about a filmmaker struggling to come up with an original idea?”

The ten-page feature length script titled “UNTITLED” centers around protagonist Zach White, a dashing Chicago playboy who is constantly turning down sexual advances to keep a clear head for inspiration.

“It’s a comedic dramatic docu-auto-biopic non-anti-genre digital film picture,” he explained.

Columbia film professor Michael Stinson was baffled when the “UNTITLED” script landed on his desk.

“This is the most derivative, unoriginal, trite screenplay I have ever read,” he told reporters. “And that’s what makes it so great. Zach is a prodigy.”

“It reminds me of this script I wrote about a lonely, middle-aged film professor looking back on his unfulfilled life and past regrets,” continued Stinson, 46, regretfully.

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Photo by Matt Richards