Family Can’t Believe How Beautiful The Wealthiest Part Of Impoverished Country Is


CATIA LA MAR, VENEZUELA — Taking in their idyllic surroundings as they strolled through a gorgeous beach resort, Williams family members couldn’t help but marvel at how beautiful the wealthiest part of the economically-devastated Venezuela was.

“I don’t know why the media is always talking about how bad this place is–everywhere we’ve visited has been fantastic,” said Mark Williams, seemingly unaware that any trash collected by the resort was transported to a dump less than two miles away and picked through by desperate children hoping to find anything of value.

“I’ll bet there’s nothing America has that you can’t find here too,” continued Mark. “Plus, did you see how polite the [desperate to keep one of the few jobs available] resort staff was? Talk about service.”

Following the discovery that ocean was a bit too nippy, the Williams family decided to spend the rest of the afternoon swimming in a heated pool with water more sanitary than what three quarters of the Venezuelan population has access to.

Don Plattner doesn’t know why Trip Advisor has to make everything political.

[Image by Wiki Commons]