Engagement Photos Taken In Front Of Barn That Had All Those Murders


PEOTONE, Ill. — Recently engaged couple Kelsey Bowden and Luke Williams just concluded a photo shoot with a local photographer to announce their engagement. All of the photos were beautifully posed and shot in front of the barn that had all those murders decades ago.

Bowden, 24, and Williams, 26, decided on the massive abandoned barn with fading red paint for its “rustic charm” and for its humble location in the similarly abandoned wheat fields that were once profitable prior to the brutal slayings that happened on that very property.

“It’s the perfect place for us to let the world know about our love,” Bowden said with a beaming smile that showed no hint of knowledge about the killings that happened at the location in 1983. The couple held hands and kissed one another on the cheek for several adorable photographs, unaware that local farmer John McKenzie previously bled out his entire family decades ago in what first responders still refer to as one of the most horrifying crime scenes they’ve ever witnessed.

“It’s charming and low-key which is totally how we are!” Bowden said as she took in the natural sunlight that was used for their photos and was unavailable to the five victims on the night of the murders. “We’re not into anything fancy! We’re the kind of couple that likes hiking with our dog and watching Netflix and drinking from mason jars.”

Williams smiled at his blushing bride and looked at the expansive field surrounding the barn that was once dripping with blood on that horrifying September night in 1983. “This is so us,” he said as he gave her a squeeze, likely not intending to mean that the gruesome axe murder of an entire family was included in the sentiments of that phrase.

The photographer, Jeffrey Alton Yower, told the press that couples are constantly requesting to do photo shoots in front of what other shutterbugs commonly refer to as “the murder barn.”

“Oh yeah, they ask for it all the time,” Yower said. “Young couples and families. They all love how cute the barn looks, the faded paint and all that. I never tell ’em that I think some of that paint might still be blood.”

As Bowden and Williams concluded their photo shoot with dozens of smiling photos that included them holding hands, jumping into the air and smiling, looking at one another sheepishly and gazing passionately into each other’s eyes, Bowden stated that she thought they might even get married there.

“It would feel so right–this seems like just the kind of place for us to declare our love for one another,” she said with no awareness that the farm has been abandoned since the night of the murders due to their extremely horrific circumstances.

“And we could use the barn for the reception,” the groom-to-be concluded with no prior knowledge of the utter blood bath that drowned all the hay and bodies that previously occupied the barn.

When the couple released a “sneak peak” of their photos on Facebook the next day, their older relatives commented asking “Isn’t that the barn with all those murders?”

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Image by forsaken fotos.