Embarrassing! MrTedCruz4ThePresident2016.com Is Redirecting To An Error Page


Whoops! Looks like the 2016 campaign just had another website domain goof-up and this time it’s Ted Cruz on the receiving end. Egg-on-face alert, Ted!

Check the site out for yourself here.

mrtedcruz4thepresident.com server not found

We’re not going so far as to say anything was done maliciously by any other campaigns (ahem Trump!), although seeing how crazy this campaign has been we certainly cannot put it out of the question. We’re guessing that the domain just lapsed and no one has notified Cruz’s web team yet. This serves as yet another reminder to other campaigns to make sure site domain registries are paid in full so something like this doesn’t happen.

But it does make you wonder how the Cruz camp could let this happen? How poorly is his campaign managed?

Cruz has several critical primary battles coming up with valuable delegates at stake. Even a small thing like this could swing momentum in another direction for undecided voters. Imagine an undecided voter typing in MrTedCruz4ThePresident2016.com expecting to find helpful literature on Mr. Cruz’s positions and voting record only to find an “error; server not found” message. Cruz misses out on a chance to persuade that voter and that voter could then go check out a competitor’s website like MarcoRubioPresidentialCampaign.net.

I could see someone losing their job over this.

This truly has been one of the strangest presidential campaigns in recent memory.

**UPDATE: The Cruz campaign still hasn’t fixed it. Idiots!**

Cole Moser reports that JohnKasichGoodMan.com is still up and running and has not been hijacked.

Image by gageskidmore.