Echo Chamber Confirms Opinion That Other People Are In An Echo Chamber


AUSTIN, Texas — Following a recent argument, confined exclusively to the comments section of a Facebook status, Jenson McKee, 28, an outspoken liberal and self-described “news junkie,” has been declared the victor, according to his fellow liberal Facebook friends.

The argument in question? If McKee is in a “liberal echo chamber” or if his Facebook friend Gregg Soda is in a “conservative echo chamber.” McKee’s original status, which spawned the argument, was not related to echo chambers, or really even politics, but was actually about why Arby’s dining room should be open later at night. Even so, it quickly devolved to name-calling in the comments section.

“I don’t even know how I know that Gregg guy,” said McKee. “I think I was at a student event with him in college or something once. I hope I never see him again.”

Soda, 30, an outspoken conservative and self-described “meme junkie,” lives in Arlington, Texas, and is one of McKee’s few conservative friends remaining on the social media website. McKee is also one of Soda’s few liberal friends, though Soda has refused to acknowledge that fact.

“So I said something, I don’t really remember what, but all of a sudden he’s spouting fake news at me,” said Soda, “And I told him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he’s in an echo chamber. And he just says the same thing to me, which, whatever. Not true. Then all his liberal friends jump in on it, and I’m outnumbered.”

“Yeah, I’m proud to say together, as a mob, my friends and I showed that Trump supporter that he’s actually the one in an echo chamber,” said McKee. “I think we proved that he’s the one not exposed to as many different points of view.”

“I would have decidedly won that argument, but me and Jenson don’t have that many mutual friends,” explained Soda. “If the argument had been on my wall, with my friends able to comment, I would have won for sure. Either way, I know I’m right, and I don’t care if he won the popular vote.”

Tyler Snodgrass believes that everyone is in an echo chamber except for him.

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