DVD Collection Lookin’ Tight


CHICAGO — Following a quick glance around the living room, sources have confirmed that DVD collection over there looks fuckin’ sweet.

The DVD collection–the one right over there–is stacked with tasty picks: A shitload of cool-ass movies filmed before 2009, at which point the DVD-owner in question stopped purchasing DVDs altogether but remained loyal to rad purchase decisions made during the Bush and Clinton administrations.

Although none of the aforementioned DVDs have been taken out of their cases in over half a decade, they are displayed prominently in the home of this cinema fan who undeniably possesses a refined taste.

They are alphabetized, of course.

In addition to the dope-as-hell films, this particular DVD collection contains its own distinct section for the choicest television programs shot before 2008, including Arrested Development, The Wire and The Sopranos.

It also has Twin Peaks.

At the time of this posting, the owner had no comment regarding the DVD collection but did mention the WiFi has been spotty lately.

Mathias Muschal watches all of his DVDs on a PlayStation 2.

Image by Mathias.

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Mathias is a contributor to The Whiskey Journal. He tells jokes on stage as well. He lives in Chicago with two cats who do not belong to him.