Don’t Worry: Democrats Have A Plan To Sit Back And Hope All Trump Voters Die In 4-Wheeler Accidents By 2020


By guest blogger Devon Kubler-Ross

Stop right there. I know you’re probably already worrying about the possibility of Donald Trump winning reelection in 2020. After all, it’s only been a week into his presidency and he’s passing unconstitutional executive orders and straining relationships with foreign governments.

Sen. Chuck Schumer and other high-ranking Dems have announced a plan that is going to stop Trump from getting a full eight years in office. That’s right: The plan is to sit back and let the coalition of Trump voters die in ATV or other rural, poor-people accidents.

“If you think the people who supported Trump are going to show up to the polls in 2020 again, you’re dreaming,” Schumer said in an interview recently. “They physically won’t be able to because they will have wrapped their Yamahas around a tree by then.”

Listen, no one could have predicted that a handful of uneducated laborers would come out of the woodwork and by a very slim 306-232 electoral college margin hand the election to Donald Trump.

The DNC’s strategy of appealing to mainstream, middle class suburbanites instead of reaching out to the Rust Belt working class wasn’t flawed–they just ran into a few extra voters here and there that no one ever could have foreseen. All Democrats need to do is sit back and wait for those same 63,000,000 Trump voters to perish while trying to install their above ground pools.

“Let’s face it: Most of the Trump voters won’t be with us in 2020,” said House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer. “You’re gonna be surprised by how many of them run over themselves with their own souped-up lawn mowers.”

I know some are probably thinking the Dems should come together and learn some hard lessons from 2016 and emerge with a concise plan for opposition. But what lessons? It was a total freak thing! Just like the tornadoes that will hopefully decimate the Midwest and even out the electoral map before 2020.

All liberals need to do is bide their time and post on Facebook that they don’t support Trump’s horrifying Supreme Court nominee.

Don’t worry, everybody. The Dems have got this.

Devon Kubler-Ross is a liberal strategist and founder of the Bunglers Institute.

Image by Senate Dems, Lorie Shaull, gvgoebel.