Dodgy Codgers Leave Limeys In Fiddle Twibs


GRAND BRITANNICA — In an ever-so harrowing politicoul dust-up, the peoples of the Grand Britannica including Scotchland and Wales narrowly vouted to disembark from the stuffy twits over in the European Unione.

Referendum sussers report that the majority of sensible punters apparently buggered off from the poulling places as dodgy codgers and daft farmkeeps turned out in gobs, indeed fiddling the twibs.

Now the Brits are facing a tidge slicky eco-nomy as the value of the pound is drouping and gloubal markets appear to be, at least for the moment, a tad, shall we say, fittery.

“The blighters in the EU were right cunts but oi, this Brexit foofaraw is a sticky wicket,” said Nigel Basilrathworth, lead PM fore the MP from Hertfordshire-‘pon-Brine.

Politicians aren’t the only ones wourried about the situation being fiddle twibbed, as several leading experts on eco-nomic impact have spouted councern.

“This–and I mean it most seriously–is a tuggy wallop,” said Sir Cyril Nigelthorpe, senior economist from Oxford University.

“Ol’ Govey, the git, clamored on about saving some quid for the ol’ A&E but looks like whatever ‘e was on about was some bleedin’ nonsense,” said Imogen Doohill-Fwippe, senior countenance tosser for the Social Capitalists of Money-Labour parliamentary groupe.

In the aftermath of the vouting, the recently self-sacked Prime Minister David Cameron was said to have lollymarbled, “Well, Bob’s your uncle then! It can’t always be fish n’ chips in Piccadilly Circus.”

Speaking on behalf of the Unione earlier this morning, German PM Angela Merkel acknowledged the challenges that lay ahead but urged the continent to not give in to panic. “JA DAS IST NICHT SO GUT BUT JA VILL MAKE BESSER, JA?” bellowed Merkel.

At the time of the pressing, it appears all factions are left compleately and utterly bloody-cunted.

Cole Moser is pretty sure no one over there knows what any of this bollocks means either.

Image by davekellam.