Disgusting Public Bathroom Infested With Human Beings


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Raising questions about public health in the modern era, reporters embedded in the men’s bathroom of the Indianapolis Park District say it is dangerously ridden with human beings.

“I have a decent tolerance for dirt, but seeing the urinals lined wall to wall with other dudes was horrifying,” said bathroom-goer Aaron Scott.

The use of public bathrooms for their proscribed purpose and its threat to personal hygiene is a concern for many Americans. Witnesses at the scene reported being nauseated by the colony of other humans that had thrived in the bathroom. One patron recounted an especially disturbing scene where a stranger used the hand dryer next to them.

“There has to be some way that this filth can be removed,” said patron Arinze Mwagi, pointing to a man washing his hands.

“I just don’t understand these people,” Mwagi added.“This is a public sphere for everybody to use, don’t ruin it by being here.”

The pairs of shoes visible under each stall were another sight that provoked many to gag and search for a safer place to relieve themselves. The situation reached its troubling pinnacle when there were as many people in the bathroom as available toilets.

Several complaints have already been filed with the city health board and the city has built a camp of portable toilets to accommodate those who need solitude during this lunch break. These measures have not prevented victims, like Troy Dockery, from expressing their grievances to the custodial crew.

“It is unacceptable to let people I don’t know piss and shit in here,” Dockery said.

Patrick Reilly is the director of Alleyway Alleviation, a pro-public urination think tank.

Image by bathroomblogs.