Customer Support Representative Berated By Person Who Desperately Needs Their Help


AUSTIN, Texas —Yesterday while doing everything within their power to help a customer via Apple Care telephone support, Cameron Daniels was continually insulted as she completely solved the issue.

The support call was made by Linda Cribbley, 67, who was frustrated with a number of issues related to her new iPhone 8 Plus. The call was routed to Daniels, 25, who is an expert in Apple devices, the iOS software, iCloud and online security.

“The first thing she told me,” said Daniels, “was that she hated me and that if I couldn’t help her then Steve Jobs died for nothing.”

The call was initially placed because Cribbley was having trouble turning her phone’s brightness up, but the complaint suddenly and arbitrarily devolved into other topics and concerns.

“She told me she didn’t want to have a passcode anymore, so we took care of that,” said Daniels. “Removing a passcode means there’s no point in using your fingerprint to unlock your phone, and she yelled at me for removing her fingerprint. Then she asked if I could reset her Earthlink password. She said she was in desperate need of help, and then said my father must be disappointed in me.”

Daniels said that Cribbley repeated, “I’m a baby boomer, I deserve respect,” for over 80 seconds straight at one point during the 14-minute phone call. After professionally and patiently navigating a series of technical issues and questions, Daniels recommended some helpful resources, and Cribbley reportedly said, “This phone has ruined my life.”

When reached for comment by telephone, Cribbley answered the phone and accidentally hung up, then mistakenly FaceTimed us back only seconds before apparently dropping her phone into her own garbage disposal.

Tyler Snodgrass reminds you to regularly backup your phone to the cloud.

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