Coworker Spotted Wearing The Same Bleak Expression Two Days In A Row


AUSTIN, Texas — Sources confirmed that following a 9 a.m. all-staff meeting, customer service representative Doug Warren, 34, was caught sporting the same hopeless expression from the day before.

“This might not be his dream job but there is still a baseline of professionalism expected from all of our employees,” said Warren’s direct supervisor Matt Berd. “It’s blatant disregard for company policy like this that makes me think Doug is not making our customer’s complete satisfaction his number one priority.”

The news of Warren’s faux pas spread throughout the office surprising some of his coworkers who were quick to defend him.

“This is just so out of character for him,” reported fellow customer service representative Marcie Boorse, who has worked with Warren for the last three years. “I could understand coming into work looking like that once in a blue moon, but back-to-back days? That’s not the Doug I know.”

When questioned about the incident Warren showed few signs of remorse or any other emotion, saying, “You can only fake it for so long,” before continuing to stare blankly into his computer monitor for the remainder of his ten-hour shift.

Joshua Ballew would like to remind all the Doug Warren’s of the world that it gets better, probably. 

Image by mellis
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Joshua Ballew is a writer, producer, and comedian based in Milwaukee Wisconsin. In addition to contributing to The Whiskey Journal he also is the author of the soon to be published book, Things That Should Exist But Do Not and co-creator of the web series Having A Few.