Couples Costumes That Still Work After You’ve Broken Up On The Way To A Halloween Party


Couples costumes are the most fun way to show off your love during the Halloween season, but there is always a chance your tumultuous relationship will come to a crashing halt on All Hallows’ Eve. Hell, you might even break up on the way to a Halloween party. Here are suggestions of costumes that work with and without your sig other:

Harley Quinn and The Joker

  • You can go two ways with this one. If you dress up as the sexy Harley Quinn, then when you’re single you can spend your night full on flirting with anyone else at the party. If you dress as the original Harley, then you’ll look like a jester whose makeup got smeared from all the crying.

Rick and Morty

  • If and only if you dress up as Pickle Rick can you truly master this costume without your significant other. But you will be reminded of how much you miss watching the show together and you will cry pickle brine tears straight into the party punch.

Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny 

  • Pay homage to Hef, the god of sex, and to his girl-servants the Bunnies with this playful costume. When you break up, you can go around the party as a sad thirst trap whether you’re Hugh or a bunny. If you’re a newly single Hugh, you can enjoy several conversations with costumed Gloria Steinems about how you were a monster while you check your phone to see if your ex misses you yet.

Peter Pan and His Shadow

  • This costume is absolutely adorable and totally works if you are a lone Peter Pan. If you are a single shadow, you might just blend in to the dark which will help you stay ignored when you are sobbing during “The Monster Mash” because it was inexplicably your song.

Simon and Garunkel 

  • This costume is for the adorably indie pair who loves folk music. You’ll just look like an Ivy League English professor when the two of you break up, but you might be tempted to drunkenly murmur the words to “Sound of Silence” to yourself.

Two Austin Powers

Okay, listen. If you both dress up as the same lovable costume, then it won’t matter when you break up. You’ll still be Austin Powers.

Dress up as each other

  • If you are together, this is a hilarious. If you break up, this is a killer way to roast your recent ex’s dumb ass… but the you might miss the stupid shirt you’re wearing. Or the way you did your hair like theirs. Oh, God, you miss them so much. Why?! Why did you break up on the way to the party?!

Stephanie Weber always dresses up as a bitch every single day of every single year.

Image by taymtaym.