Climate March Canceled Due To Inclement Weather


PORTLAND, Ore. — Thousands of protesters had their plans disrupted this weekend as unseasonably strong winds and heavy thunderstorms swept in, forcing organizers to cancel demonstrations for climate change awareness.

“We were all ready to go,” said Sam Reynolds, who woke up early on Saturday to join his friends downtown for the Climate March. “I wore my Captain Planet t-shirt and even made a funny sign,” he said, noting that the shirt brings attention to a serious issue while still being ironic.

Weather conditions took a rough turn around 10 a.m. as storm clouds moved in, leaving many protesters cold and soaking wet. “The wind was crazy, I’d never seen anything like it,” said Jenna Anderson of Forest Park. “I couldn’t get any good Snapchats.”

Organizers for the Climate March officially called off the demonstration at 10:25 a.m. and advised participants to seek shelter indoors. Officials say they plan to reschedule, but will need to coordinate their efforts around other upcoming protests related to immigration policy, nuclear disarmament, and healthcare.

“It’s a shame things didn’t pan out today, but we’ll be back,” said organizer James Lintern. “We’re determined to show our nation’s leaders that climate change is very real,” he said moments after the city issued an emergency flash flood warning.

Dan Muller believes in climate change, but crowds make him anxious.

Image by Flickr.