Catcaller Destroyed By Li’l Honey With Huge Yabbos


NEW YORK — Catcallers beware cause this li’l honey with huge yabbos has comebacks that’ll crush your spirit.

Don’t even try to catcall local mamacita Renee Dorian, 26, of Murray Hill, Manhattan. The gorgeous minx with a fine pair of funbags was walking up 1st Avenue when a man called out to her, “I wanna eat you!” What happened next was truly incredible for the petite vixen who certainly can hold her own like one of the big boys.

Renee shouted back at the aggressor, “So does your mom!” WOW. She brought his own female relatives into this mix? This little kitten has claws from her gorgeous head of blonde hair to her va-va-voom curves. Looks like those tig ol’ bitties have some bite after all! What we wouldn’t give to take a bite out of those Gerber serves, yum-yum!

The catcaller was speechless, imagining his mother in a sexual light much in the way that he suggested Renee be viewed. Perhaps he realized in that moment that objectifying random women going about their business is truly wrong. Or maybe he was distracted from the sweet sugartits she’s sporting on that rack. Those things gotta be at least a D-cup, probably. Yeah, those right there are some A+ knockers, truly things of beauty stretching out that sheer black top of hers.

Renee reportedly went about her day crushing a few more catcallers. With superheroes like Renee walking the streets, catcallers will soon be vanquished and babelicious boob-ed creatures will be able to walk anywhere they please without being harassed.

Stephanie Weber wants to whistle at all the brave hunks who never catcall women. 

Image by pexels.

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