Boyfriend’s Description Of Sex Dream To Girlfriend Heavily Redacted


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Claiming to have his girlfriend’s best interests in mind, area man Kevin Davis, 32, greatly edited his account of a recent sex dream, sources have reported.

According to those close to the situation, Davis’ girlfriend, Sarah Mitchell, 31, was informed of the dream right away however key details including location and who was present were intentionally left out.

“I know my Sarah and I was just saving her some time,” stated Davis. “She wouldn’t want to hear all the boring parts like what I was wearing, how long it lasted, or that I was fucking her rock hard penis on our new IKEA fence while Jenna Fischer was eating face off my face.”

The dream in question occurred Saturday night following a double date with work friends which some suspect was the inspiration for the fantasy.

Davis denies their involvement saying, “I can see how people would think that but I guarantee you, not even in my dreams would Jake and Tess pour face   on my rock hard face.”

In spite of the current controversy and media attention, the couple seems to be fairing well.

“I’d say we’re closer now than ever before,” said Davis. “Honesty is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship which is why I didn’t keep this dream from Sarah, just the stuff she wouldn’t care about anyways, like Jim peeing into my penis      and Pam sitting on my face .”

Joshua Ballew once had a sex dream about his close and personal friend Julia Frank and is glad to finally get that off his chest.

Image by Flickr.