Black People Decide To Take Rock ‘N’ Roll Back


BROOKLYN — Earlier today leaders of the R&B and hip hop community held a press conference announcing that they will be reclaiming rock ‘n’ roll. This news was actually leaked weeks ago when Kanye West accidentally screamed, “I am the king of rock ‘n’ roll!” to an audience of thousands.

Rock ‘n’ roll, a musical form with African-American origins, was famously loaned to white culture in the summer of 1953, when an unknown Elvis Presley cornered Chuck Berry after a show, saying “Hey man, can I borrow some music?”

Chuck, assuming he was a junkie, felt sorry for Elvis and handed him rock ‘n’ roll. Black people haven’t seen it since.

In the coming days a group of respected black artists including Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Justin Timberlake plan to release a new album titled The Back to Rock Movement.

Lil Wayne had this to say: (translation unavailable)

In related news, B.B. King announced that he will be releasing his first dubstep record.

Tim Barnes is senior music editor for The Whiskey Journal and an accomplished math rock drummer.


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