Bill Murray’s Son Would Also Like To Run Into Him At A Restaurant Sometime


SULLIVAN’S ISLAND, S.C. — The son of acclaimed comedic actor Bill Murray would also enjoy running into him at a steak restaurant sometime, sources close to the actor’s family have reported.

Jackson Murray, 18, told reporters that he’s happy for the members of a recent bachelor party in nearby Charleston had a memorable and fun experience interacting with his father and that he’d also enjoy having one of those at some point.

He went on to say that he lives close and even has a car and could drive to meet up somewhere.

Murray, famous for his roles in CaddyshackGhostbusters and “Saturday Night Live,” has become well known for his interactions with fans, occasionally crashing parties in amusing ways and singing karaoke with complete strangers.

“I like golf,” the younger Murray said. “I would love to try karaoke.”

Jackson, one of Murray’s four sons from his second marriage, clearly looks up to his father and would like to witness more of that affable Bill Murray charm much of the public, if they happen to be at a restaurant or golf course or just walking around Manhattan, often gets to see.

“Dad comes to visit and pretty much immediately heads out to the bars,” said the younger Murray. “Then I read in the paper the next morning that he walked into a frat house and organized a three-legged race.”

“That sounds really fun,” Jackson added.

Before heading back to Los Angeles at the conclusion of his recent visit, Murray reportedly sneaked into Jackson’s room and put his hands over his son’s eyes while Jackson played a video game. Murray then removed his hands and said “No one will ever believe you.”

Cole Moser never hears about John Belushi going around pulling attention-seeking stunts like that.

Image by Deadspin.