Bernie Sanders Can Win This Election If Every Person Votes For Him


Wow. What a crazy year we have ahead of us. It is now less than 300 days until the next presidential election and there’s a lot of excitement about the candidates, and none more so than Bernie Sanders. But, as with any candidate, he has his detractors, and the mainstream media is so pro-Hillary it’s hard not to get frustrated sometimes. But you know what?

If every person votes for Bernie Sanders he can win this election.

Hear me out. I know a lot of people think Bernie Sanders is a long-shot candidate, but if they and every other voter cast a ballot for him, then we would be looking at a Sanders presidential victory in 2016. Some would have you believe that Bernie Sanders will be defeated in the primary and that he would lose a general election.

But take a look at this.


That’s a map I made of the electoral outcome if every voter in the United States voted for Bernie Sanders and, as you can see, in that situation there is no way that Bernie could lose! There are 538 electoral votes in the United States, and if Bernie Sanders gets all of them, then he would definitely win the presidency. Yet the established, politics-as-usual crowd would have you believe that Bernie Sanders couldn’t win the election. Such obvious bias is incredibly irritating.

There are a lot of other examples just like this that you won’t hear from the mainstream media who seem to refuse to write anything about Bernie Sanders. But I’m not one of them, so I’m going to tell you what’s really going on. Think about this for instance: In a result I thought up, Bernie Sanders wins the primary against Hillary Clinton by an almost infinity to one margin, and he wipes the floor with the Republican nominee, Establishment Jeb, in the general. I predict Bernie would win next November with 100% of the vote. This is the kind of data we should be reading in the news, and not just biased opinions from yet another talking head discussing the possibilities of the coming year.

With all this evidence in front of us, it’s hard not to see the total lack of respect the media is showing Bernie Sanders. But don’t despair! Bernie Sanders can and will win this election if every person in America “feels the Bern.” They’re trying to crush his campaign, but don’t let them do it. We all know that Bernie Sanders is the only real option for the next president of these United States.

It really makes me wonder why anyone else is even bothering to run.

Quinn Formel thinks the majority of people would be happiest if they had a king.

Image by Gage Skidmore.