Bass Player Wrote His Own Little Song


MINNEAPOLIS — Local band The Intentions has announced that their own bitty li’l bass player Andy Harcourt has adorably written his own little song.

“We couldn’t be prouder of our little guy,” said frontman and vocalist Paul Canfield. “He wrote a whole song all by himself, just like a big boy!”

The Intentions report that Harcourt arrived at band practice yesterday with a fully-written songy-wongy, yes he did, and that he’s such a cute little slugger.

“It was too cute how excited he was to show it to us,” said lead guitarist Max Miller. “He wrote it himself, a whole entire song the same way we do! He wants to be just like us!”

After sharing his big-boy song with his bandmates, Harcourt reportedly skipped practice in favor of taking a much needed nappy-nap.

“Champ’s probably tuckered out,” said Canfield. “We’re so proud of him for trying, but songwriting’s still a bit too grown-up for our little Andy. He needs his naptime.”

“Good thing we sound pretty much the same without him,” added Miller.

With Harcourt’s song lovingly attached to the band’s refrigerator, The Intentions have announced plans to reward Harcourt with a great big ice cream sundae with all the toppings he wants.

“No cones,” said Miller. “We all remember last time. He dropped his ice cream cone on the ground and wouldn’t stop crying for an hour.”

As of press time, sources indicate that Harcourt has asked to sing lead vocals on his song, a development which was reportedly “just precious.”

At least Tom Harrison isn’t a drummer.

Image by The Intentions.