Band Finally Catches Big Break With Appearance On Friend’s Podcast


AUSTIN, Texas — After years of working the road at low-paying bar shows and sleeping in their van, local band Danger Fist has finally broken into the mainstream with an appearance on their friend’s podcast.

“This is it, this is our big break,” said lead singer Andrew Schlinger. “I’ve always dreamt of seeing Danger Fist’s name up there in big Playfair font, below an Audible banner ad.”

The podcast in question is hosted by local Renaissance man Tim Roberts and is called Casting On The Net. The podcast, as described by its host, is “The Joe Rogan Experience meets This American Life” and is described by friends of the show as “Oh, is Tim still doing that?” The podcast boasts monthly downloads in the double digits and is available on all hosting sites except iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and PodBean.

The recording session, by all accounts of those involved, was a complete success. After profusely apologizing to listeners for the sound quality, and promising to get better recording equipment in the coming weeks, the host and his guests delved into a four hour long discourse covering a wide range of topics that no-one had the qualifications to voice anything even resembling an informed opinion on.

The episode was released early Monday morning and can be downloaded at

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Image by Charleston’s The Digital.