Area Couple Ashamed To Admit They Met In Person


CHESTERFIELD, Mo. — Painfully aware that their story is rather unorthodox, area couple Dave Rowland and Kelly Tyson are ashamed to admit they met in person.

“Whenever our friends or family ask how we met, we always have a hard time telling them that I met her in line at Starbucks,” Dave sheepishly imparted.

A slightly embarrassed Kelly further clarifies, “Nowadays, you just don’t hear about a couple physically meeting, striking up a verbal conversation, and starting a relationship out of thin air. It’s been a real struggle to describe the situation to my parents.”

Despite their best efforts to explain that it’s becoming more common for couples to meet in bars or through mutual friends, Dave and Kelly’s relationship still raises eyebrows. Most frustratingly, Dave’s mother insists on bringing up their unique beginnings every time he comes home, asking him why he couldn’t just meet a nice girl on the internet.

“She doesn’t realize that it’s a different time now,” Dave said.

While the couple has become comfortable with saying they met in person, they’ve yet to tell anyone that they talk to each other on the phone.

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Image by Carlo.