Ann Taylor Changes Name To Forever 41


NEW YORK CITY — In what some fashion industry experts are calling a daring move, sensible women’s clothing retailer Ann Taylor is reportedly changing its name to Forever 41.

“We’re a clothing store for women who hit 40 and want everyone to know about it, and then also teachers,” said Natalie Taylor, spokesperson from Ann Inc., Ann Taylor’s parent company. “We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here. We just chose the number 41 at random. That’s it.”

Ms. Taylor is a 22- year-old textiles and merchandising major who claims to be the brains behind the name change.

Al Gunther, 63, is the Senior Senior Marketing Director for Forever 21,  a global clothing chain dispensing low-end, disposable fashion primarily to women. He publicly bristled at Ann Taylor’s subtle image adjustment.

“This is just some bullshit piggyback marketing,” Gunther said. “They want to jump on our name and confuse some dumb broads? Fine. Go for it.”

He continued: “These women want cheap clothes for their cheap bodies. Good luck selling earrings for more than $10, especially if you don’t put them in a big plastic barrel near the cashier line.”

Undeterred, Ann Inc. announced its excitement for their new name, which will launch in the first quarter of 2014, and plan to do most of their advertising on Facebook. Insiders have also hinted at talks of changing their other subsidiary’s name, LOFT, to Studio APT.

Jeff Arcuri spent most of his summers with his uncle at a mall he owned in New Jersey.