Amazing! This Armed Robber Got To Meet Ryan Lochte


It’s not every day that your average guy on the job gets to interact with a superstar, but that’s just what happened to a Brazilian armed robber named Matheus Henrique.

Henrique is 25 and lives in a favela outside of Rio de Janiero, where the 2016 Olympics are being held. Lucky for him, he was in the right place at the right time.

“I had really just started my shift,” Henrique said. “I wasn’t expecting anything big to happen. Probably rip off a few tourists, steal a ladies purse, and then who should cross my path but Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.”

The Brazilian bandit almost shied away from confronting the world class athlete, but was able to find the confidence to commit the felony.

“When you’re just a nobody from around here, it’s really intimidating to run into people you’ve seen on television,” Matheus commented. “I mean who am I? I’m no athlete. But I started thinking of my friends and my family, and how this guy was just a human like me. It really gave me the confidence to whip my gun out and demand he give me everything he had. I like to think it was important for everyone I knew that I did this.”

His friends and family are very proud.

“I grew up with the guy,” said friend and local police officer Luiz Guilherme. “It’s great to see him really pull off a success of this caliber. All the foreign media has been trashing Brazil, saying our security and police forces are monumentally incompetent and have brought a black mark upon the Olympics, so it’s just nice to see a local guy stick it to the big wigs. Show him what Brazilians can do if they put their minds to it.”

At press time, Henrique could be found lurking just outside the Olympic village with his sights on mugging a gymnast or one of his heroes from track and field.

Kevin Lobkovich was once robbed at gunpoint by former Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu.

Image by flickr/epa.