Amazing! This Bus Driver Gave Up His Seat To An Elderly Passenger


This goes to show you that heroes walk among us and not all of them wear capes.

In what many on the Internet are calling the feel good story of the week, it was reported early Thursday morning that a bus driver in Boston named Robert Henderson did the unthinkable and offered up his seat to an elderly passenger in need.

Witnesses to the heartwarming event confirmed that while making one of his scheduled stops Gloria Stephens, 74, boarded the already packed bus and after seeing no one step up to help, Henderson took the situation into his own hands and gave her his seat.

“Rules are rules,” Henderson allegedly said as he pointed to a sign reading Please Be Considerate Of Fellow Passengers. “I’m not trying to lose my job.”

When asked about the experience Stephens was quick to express her gratitude.

“It was awfully nice of him to do what he did,” Stephens told reporters in Boston. “He didn’t even care that my license has been suspended which is the reason why I’m taking the bus.”

While many on social media are praising Henderson for his incredible sacrifice, of course not everyone could be happy about the good deed.

“That idiot’s ‘heroism’ made me two hours late for work,” said one bus passenger named Daniel Gareth. “Sure, it was nice of him to give up his seat but then we just sat there until another driver showed up to finish the route. I can’t believe my taxes pay for this kind of service.”

The heroic Henderson, who has worked for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority since 2012, says he hopes others will follow in his footsteps.

“It doesn’t take a lot to make a positive difference in someone’s life,” Henderson said when reached by phone. “Just look at me, a simple bus driver who was able to help a stranger in need with minimal effort.”

Wow. Heart=warmed.

Joshua Ballew will always give up his seat on the bus but it’s going to cost you.

Image by Wikimedia and NYDailyNews.