Amazing! This Man Quit His Job Just To Hang Around His Apartment For A Few Months


It can be very easy in life to play it safe. Often, we avoid big risks even if the gains would make us truly happy. Luckily for the less bold among us looking for a little inspiration, that’s not the case for one young man.

Jim Wayne is a 28-year-old native of San Antonio and he decided a few months ago that he would quit his job at Aggregate Fund, a small business investment firm, so he could just hang around his apartment for a while.

“I was getting pretty bored at work,” Wayne said. “I was basically doing just glorified data entry and I needed a break.”

Since then, this modern day adventurer has been doing what he wants when he wants within the confines of his one bedroom apartment.

“I can’t really go out because I didn’t save up too much money,” Wayne explained. “I’ve been watching a lot of TV, though. I went to the library recently. That was nice.”

Wayne’s freewheeling lifestyle has not only reduced his stress but has improved his relationship with his family.

“I call my dad about twice a week,” Wayne said. “I’m probably going to need to borrow money from him in a little while, so I want to be on his good side.”

Jim has advice for all those would-be wandering souls looking to break free from the daily grind.

“Just stay at your job unless you have something else lined up,” Jim said. “Work on getting an actual skill. I regret getting a liberal arts degree. I should have listened to my parents but I wanted to learn about history.”

At press time, Jim was making macaroni and cheese while wearing sweatpants.

Kevin Lobkovich wishes he had the courage to find a job so that he could one day quit it.

Image by stobor.