All The Names Of Kanye’s New Album


Rap superstar Kanye West has been teasing the Internet with bits of information about his upcoming album for months now, namely the name itself. West first announced the title via Twitter, revealing it to be So Help Me God. Months later he tweeted, “I’m changing my album name to SWISH”; then, “I might change it again but that’s the name now.”

The self-proclaimed genius did indeed change it again and once again through Twitter. And then again. And then again. And again and again. In total, West has given his February 11th release over a dozen total names. They are listed below in the order he tweeted them.

So Help Me God



So Help Me, Me

Yeezus II

Dark Side of the Moon



SWISH (again)

Butt Stuff Is Totally Normal



Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits


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Image by Twitter.