Adorable Pit Bull Puppy Tases Police Officer For No Reason


BUENA PARK, Calif. — A ten-week-old pit bull puppy mercilessly attacked a Buena Park law enforcement officer with a Taser as he was attempting to serve a court summons.

Larry Cane, Sheriff of Buena Park for more than seven years, was about to exit the yard of a home near the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Beach Boulevard when the incident occurred. The 14-pound American Staffordshire Terrier named Turbo was recently adopted from an ASPCA shelter.

After serving the summons to Maria Rodriguez, a friend and housekeeper of the homeowner, Sheriff Cane asked her if the dog was friendly.

“The policeman asked if the dog was a nice dog and I said that he was,” Rodriquez said. “Turbo is usually so good with strangers. I’ve watched him since they got him.”

Sheriff Cane then knelt down to pet the dog, and Turbo jumped up and began licking the officer’s face.

“Turbo was nice and played with the sheriff, but I guess he got scared,” Rodriguez said.

According to Buena Park Police spokeswoman Sarah Spring, at some point while playing with Turbo, the Sheriff’s taser must have become dislodged from his belt.

“The dog somehow got the taser in his mouth and bit down on the trigger while next to the Sheriff,” Spring said.

As Cane spasmed on the ground, the dog jumped on top of his chest playfully. Rodriguez was eventually able to pull the dog off of the Sheriff, but not before he suffered severe electrical burns to his neck.

Cane is being treated at the Western Medical Center of Anaheim and is listed in stable condition. Turbo was put in his crate for 30 minutes and did not get a treat after dinner.

Ken Barnard believes that sometimes there is justice in this world

Image by Cary Bass-Deschenes