Drummer of My Chemical Romance Steals From His Own Band in Last Effort to Quit


My Chemical Romance has officially parted ways with drummer, Michael Pedicone, after he was caught stealing from his own band.  Pedicone replaced Bob Bryar in 2010, and now My Chemical Romance is left again without a drummer.

“It’s almost like he did this just to get out of the band.  I mean, I know this band sucks but we caught him red handed stealing from the band and he confessed to police after our show last night in Auburn, Washington,” said guitarist Frank Iero. “We are heartbroken and confused by the whole situation.  Why doesn’t anyone want to be our drummer?” Iero said shaking his head.

My Chemical Romance is not the first band to experience it’s own members not wanting to be in the band, as Breaking Benjamin broke up this summer for the same reasons. 

An apologetic Pedicone tweeted Friday reading, “What happened is more complicated than it sounds but I did make the right choice.  Being in My Chemical Romance was ruining my life (as it would anyones).  It was never my intention to play in this band …. It just kind of happened.”

Written by Kyle Scanlan

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