The Onion® Confused For Real Satirical Newspaper


Recently, The Onion, a print and online satirical newspaper satire, has had some of their articles confused for real satirical news articles, as opposed to the satires of satirical news stories that they are. The mistake is understandable, as articles with titles such as “Defense Department Boosts Funding for $15 Billion Puppycrusher” and “US Drug Czar Announces: ‘I’m Higher Than Hell Right Now” could easily be seen as satires of newspaper headlines, as opposed to the satires of satirical newspaper articles that they are.

“I think it’s quite obvious,” telegrammed Onion Editor-In-Chief T. Herman Zwiebel, “That our mission is to lampoon the world of real news satires, such as “The Weekly World News,” “The Daily Show,” and the Fox News empire and their vast array of humorous newspapers, television, and online offerings. The fact that one could actually mistake us as operating on a single level of irony is a complement to our writing staff and the subtle, precise nature of their commentary on commentary on commentary.”

Rupert Murdoch, Baron of the News Corporation satirical news network, could not be reached for comment as of press time, due to his awaiting trial in the Hague for war crimes against nature.

Reporting by David Sharp, Media Commentary Commentator

Twitter: @DavidAndSharp