Many Spectators Find Casey Anthony’s Murderous Intentions Unsurprising


by C. Lloyd

Although many commentators found the supposed murderous intentions of Casey Anthony shocking, new polls indicate the majority of spectators were unmoved by such accusations.  

A recent poll by CDS News Corp. reveals nearly 96% of its viewers found the allegations against Casey Anthony to be routine.  One blogger responding to the poll wrote, “Should we really be surprised that some moron could drown her child in order to party harder? You just described nearly one-third of the US population.”  Another blogger responding to the same poll also wrote, “My dumbass cousin just tried to kill her child last week, because she thinks having a baby ‘sucks’ … YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL CASEY ANTHONY!!!”

Nancy Marboone, distinguished professor of sociology at John Hopkins University, agrees with the public’s perception. “We might anticipate this type of behavior in a culture where extreme solipsism and immediate gratification is coupled with a no-regrets norm,” writes Dr. Marboone.  “Rather, surprising is the utter lack of dead babies in a socio-political system shitting out dummies into a materialistic society like some God-awful machine. We really should be more thankful.”

In the past, many commentators, under pressure from network authorities, have been accused of normalizing exceptional events in hopes of increasing ad revenues.  In a strange twist of fate, however, media networks are now accused of exceptionalizing something rather commonplace and accepted. Melissa Andrews, a college student at Santa-Barbara City College, was quoted to say, “They’re going to have to take abomination to some seriously next level shit if I’m going to continue to watch the news, and I just killed three babies last week to celebrate my birthday.” 

Regardless of the Casey Anthony’s verdict, it is apparent that many media agencies must now find more barbarous and grotesque forms of depravity if to strike an accord with today’s audience.

– C. Lloyd is a staff writer for The Whiskey Journal.